Do not let anger dwell in heart.
If I follow my anger, I will look foolish in their eyes.
Anger does not make sense. i should control everything



I left home at 08:30 with my favorite bicycle went to Trowulan, the ancient capital of Majapahit. I arrived at Trowulan about 10:40 it took almost 2 hours. I parked my bike under the “Beringin” and and took a rest for a moment. I took my first picture of the statue an ancient beast “Kalla” –Kalla also the name of our vice president-. I saw many interesting statues there but unfortunately, taking photography was prohibited (all museum does the same way). The museum has two parts one is the collection of small statues, artistic object and ancient tools. According to the information all objects about 500-700 years old and was taken from across the ruled area of Majapahit and the second is hall which statues are arranged accordingly. I touched each statue felt the mysterious

I had conversation with the guide. I asked why Majapahit was not able to maintain their kingdom. Why the real capital of Majapahit in Trowulan has not been discovered yet? was majapahit only a myth ?, where is the tomb of Gajah Mada, where is the remaining civilization of Majapahit ?. I gave him an example King Tuth from Egypt, Kesultanan Surakarta and Jogjakarta. They still exist till today. He replied me, after the death of Hayam Wuruk, his son and daughter were fight each other and so on and so on but I still confuse and curios until then I decided to leave the museum went to Candi Bajang Ratu is about 1600 meters from museum.

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welcoming you

Baaa….please come back later, we’ll share each other with a cup of coffee like we used to be. Will you ?